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  • 01.07.12 I  Freelancer at CyberphobX Ltd.
  • 05.12.11 I  Working on Spar Ad with Melon FX
  • 30.11.11 I  I joined to the Animschhol 2011 winter term!!!
  • 28.11.11 I  Working on a toy car for Applifee
  • 25.10.11 I  Working on Vodafone Ad with Melon FX
  • 10.10.11 I  Working on Coop Ad wit Focus Fox

Anton Matkovic

Set of ICE nodes for hair creation in Softimage XSI.


The Point Caching Tools allow you to record complex object deformations to a cache file and reapply those deformations

Sajjad Amjad

Various usefull plugins developed for Autodesk Softimageby Sajjad Amjad.

Angle of view of a lens

Calculator for angle of view of a lens.

Simartom T-Gen2

T-Gen is the first tree and plant generator plugin fully integrated into XSI architecture. Over 100 appearance and distribution parameters, full utilization of XSI curves and forces, fast coreand node-based hierarchy ensures great flexibility and huge possibilities while creating your own trees and plants.