Mobile: +36 30 983 0907
  • 01.07.12 I  Freelancer at CyberphobX Ltd.
  • 05.12.11 I  Working on Spar Ad with Melon FX
  • 30.11.11 I  I joined to the Animschhol 2011 winter term!!!
  • 28.11.11 I  Working on a toy car for Applifee
  • 25.10.11 I  Working on Vodafone Ad with Melon FX
  • 10.10.11 I  Working on Coop Ad wit Focus Fox

Fabricio Chamon FX TD

My name is Fabricio Chamon, a passionate about all CG related things, doing VFX since 2006 for major companies in Brazil. As a generalist, my main role is supporting the team with TD / FX and Rendering related tasks.


XSI Base user \"myara\" cool cleaner addon for Xsi.

Scatter tool

Milan Vasek scatter tool for XSI


Gear addon for XSI by Jeremie Passerin.

SeithCG / Lionel Gallat

Lionel Gallat animation director\'s page, with useful Mel scripts.


Useful Maya Mel scripts.

Eric Thivierge

Character TD and Tools programmer in the 3D Animation industry.

Ryen Kittleson

Good human body modeling tutorials.

Andreas Felix Gebhardt page. Link to the misc :

Studio Nest

This is Studio Nest open source page full with handy addons! Don't forget to check the vimeo channel of the tools!


Softimage resources.

Ledin Pavel aka "Puppet" shader library

Shaders_p - shader set for Mental Ray.

Michael Buettner mbFeatherTools

mbFeatherTools is a production proven plugin for Autodesk Softimage (formerly Softimage|XSI) which features styling, animation and simulation of bird feathers. While the primary focus of this tool is indeed feathers, it is also beneficial for all kinds of tasks: Leafs on a tree, spines of a hedgehog or clammy fur, to name a few.

Smart IBL

Smart IBL is not a shader or render algorithm, it's just an idea. It was designed as an open system, completely transparent to artists and developers fexible enough to power an entire company pipeline, and portable enough to work in every 3d application. And most importantly, it's completely free.

Constantin Tarasenkov "Procedural"

Bunch of useful addons for Softimage XSI.