Mobile: +36 30 983 0907
  • 01.07.12 I  Freelancer at CyberphobX Ltd.
  • 05.12.11 I  Working on Spar Ad with Melon FX
  • 30.11.11 I  I joined to the Animschhol 2011 winter term!!!
  • 28.11.11 I  Working on a toy car for Applifee
  • 25.10.11 I  Working on Vodafone Ad with Melon FX
  • 10.10.11 I  Working on Coop Ad wit Focus Fox

I'm currently working as a freelancer. I do work for companies in both Hungary, foreign countries, on site and off site.

I'm specialized in commercials (modeling, animation, fx, compositing). But I also do product visualization, game content creation, architecture visualization. If you like my visual style, then hire me as a freelancer to create stunning images.

Services I provide:
- Animation
- Custom Modeling
- Game content creation (modeling, texturing)
- Compositing
- Product visualization
- Architectural visualization